CFC Cause of the Week: Mental Health

You can spend a lifetime trying to forget the moments of yourchildhood.

Cami Johnson, from the Department of Justice, has an empowering story to tell, but it begins with tragedy and hardship. Her aunt was killed in a domestic violence incident, and as a result, her mother suffered a severe mental health crisis and spent most of Johnson’s childhood in mental health institutions. “Over the years she received mental health services from many local nonprofit organizations,” said Johnson about her mother, and she continues to receive those services today at 82 years old.

Despite the extreme duress and heartache the family faced,Johnson can see the progress and hope for her mother, herself, and families like theirs. Domestic violence and mental health are social issues with significant negative impacts on our communities with generational consequences. Cami wants to talk about these causes to help overcome the associated stigmas. “I celebrate my mother and many families like mine who have endured the devastation of tragedy and mental illness.” Johnson knows she and her mother have made progress over the past few decades with the help of the nonprofits and their support network.

Here’s how you can make an impact:
  • $20 funds a suicide prevention hotline for one night.
  • $30 funds 30 minutes of crisis line counseling for troubled youth.
  • $86 funds a PTSD clinical trial for two individuals.

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Monday, October 7, 2019 - 10:15